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Effective and Reliable HR and Payroll Software

We’re the solution to your

HR and Payroll Challenges HR and Payroll Needs

OUR Solution

Reliable and Efficient HR and Payroll Software

We’re the solution to your

HR and Payroll Challenges HR and Payroll Needs

 Our Solution

Get Smart About Payroll and HR

ReyPath Solutions offers a comprehensive payroll solution for any type and size of business.

Manage Payroll from Anywhere 24/7

We make use of cloud software which gives you real-time access to your payroll from anywhere in the world.

Reduce Payroll Admin

Centralise your payroll admin onto an easy-to-use platform for your whole workforce.

Integrate Easily

Integrate any third-party platforms and software with API.


Navigate with Ease

Access user-friendly software that doesn’t require intense training.


Automate Processes


Automate reporting, calculations, payroll updates and leave management.


Minimize Risk


Reduce the risk of human error and data manipulation with compliance measures and audit trails.

Test it For Yourself

Let’s go through our solution together and see how it can meet your needs.

Our Solution

Find the Right Payroll Solution for your Business

ReyPath Solutions offers customisable HR and Payroll software for any business size with full legislative compliance in over 40 countries.

Payroll Features

Out of the Box Setup

Quickly set up your company  without lengthy administration. Claim back your precious time with an intelligent solution that ensures continuous legislative compliance.

Africa Payroll

Have the freedom to do business all over Africa with multi-country, multi-currency and multi-language payroll solutions for 40+ African Countries.

Expat Payroll

Enjoy local and international compliance with multi-country, multi-currency salary and tax processing.

Continuous Calculations

Real-time calculation updates make payroll processing faster with immediate results on the payslip. 

Manager and Employee Self-Service

Give your employees and managers the ability to apply, capture, view, authorise and initiate tasks with workflow approvals.

HR and Payroll Reporting

View real-time reports with ease, retrieve accurate historical data, and gain deeper insight with cloud analytics.

API Integration

Use API to access employee data to use in your business environment and push data in the software from third-party systems.

HR Features

Leave Management

Reduce administration by creating workflows to manage leave approvals for your employees.

Business Process Workflow

Enjoy customised business workflows for leave applications, claims, and employee requests. Also, gain access to a custom commission calculator.

Organization and Position Management

Easily view and configure your organization structure and gain insight into vacancies and potential new positions.

Performance and Incident Management

Assess and develop each of your employees. Understand the needs and motivation of your employees to retain high performance in the workforce.

Workforce Planning

Plan and analyse your workforce in real-time.

Training and Skills Management

Track employee skill levels and track their training attendance and completion. Set your employees up for success.

Add-on Features

Pacey (WhatsApp ESS)

Access ESS Securely on WhatsApp.

  • Obtain your payslip in PDF or text format
  • Apply for leave
  • Submit a claim
  • Request tax certificates
  • Approve inbox items
  • View current leave balance
  • View personal information
  • Automate birthday and work anniversary messages
Power Bi

Create insightful dashboards with Power Bi for fact-based business decision-making.

Customise your insight to reveal trends and point out potential and current risks.

Give your team and business the edge.

MS Teams Integration

The integration enables you to see who is on leave in your organization right from your teams’ app.

Cloud Analytics

Simplify your reporting with customised reports for business-specific requirements.


Easily create professional charts of your organization for display or in-depth analysis of your workforce structure and gaps.


Optimize your recruiting process with Breezy HR, a leading recruitment solution.

Third-Party Integration

Enjoy Integration with:

  • Workday
  • Signify
  • PRP
  • Ovation
  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Acumatica
  • Netcash
  • Floatpays
  • TymeAdvance
  • Paymenow
  • Simply
  • ERS Biometrics
  • Econz Wireless
  • Better Times
  • OrgChart
  • Flowgear
Our Solution

The Benefits of Our Payroll and HR Solution

No Limits

Get comfortable knowing you have unlimited freedom to work the way you want to.

Unlimited everything! Pay runs, users, earnings, deductions and company contribution components, leave transactions and PM evaluations.


Eliminate the need for manual excel spreadsheets or sending of files.

Automate gross-up functionality with currency conversions. We cater for your local legislation, wherever you are – like automatically submitting UIF Declaration files to the Department of Labour in South Africa.

Legislation Updates

We ensure all your tax tables stay up to date.

Tax tables and other legislative calculations are maintained by PaySpace for all supported countries. Legislative reporting, in the required formats, is taken care of.

Superior Configuration

No more reliance on vendor developers to maintain custom requirements.

Forget about reactively and manually identifying output errors on reports. We update and maintain various medical and union tables so you don’t have to.

Unrestricted Access

Access the information you want when you need it most.

All historical information is always available: payslips, pay rates, leave and other reports.

Workflow & Online Approval

Streamline approval processes to minimise the need for paper use and email threads.

Limitless and configurable workflow steps cater for online approval of all transactions in real-time while housing document attachments.

3rd-Party System Integration

Connect directly to your workflow systems without a need for manual integration via Excel, txt, or delimited files.

API Webservices and webhooks are available to integrate with any 3rd party system. Fully integrate with Xero, Quickbooks Accounting, and Workday HCM.

Module Integration

No syncing of HR and payroll data/records is required. No separate run is required to calculate leave balances and provisions.

There is one employee record for all modules, i.e., leave balance affects provisions in real-time. Payroll components can trigger leave adjustments and vice versa.

Detailed Reports

Analytics for dashboards and trend analysis.

​There are over 40 standard payroll reports and 37 HR reports. Every country’s exact legislative formats are also available with multiple parameter options.


Data is clean from the start – no year-end data cleanups are necessary.

Automatic ID Number Validations (citizenship, gender, and birth date).

Bank Validations (branch code vs. account number).


Choose a method that suits you – one-by-one or bulk.

Excel or on-screen bulk uploads for any recurring and/or once-off components.


Get a bird’s eye view of how the output was computed.

Review the exact methods used for calculations.

Full tax breakdown per payslip

 Our Solution

The Right Solution for Your Payroll and HR Needs

With so much functionality and capability built into an extremely easy to use platform, we know we have the solution that fits your business.

Implement the right solution for your business today.



Client interaction is always top class, the system is easy to use and makes life so much easier. Staff also have a lot more interaction with the system making queries less.


Been dealing with ReyPath Solutions for along time now and always received excellent service. Very professional and friendly.

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