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Employee Transfers: How to transfer employees between frequencies

Selecting an employee for transfer


You can only transfer employees individually

1. Select the employee you want to transfer.

2. Click On/Off Boarding in the menu options.

3. Click on Transfer in the On/Off Boarding menu.

Step 1 Screen

1. Select the company/frequency to transfer to

2. Choose the effective pay run from when the employee starts at the company/frequency

3. Select the new start date

4. Tick if the employee should be terminated for statutory reporting

4a) If you are transferring between companies with different Company UIF registration numbers, tick this field. The original employee record will be included as a “Termination” in the UIF declaration file and UI-19 report. For Employment Equity purposes, this record will be included in Section C of the EEA2 (Workforce Movement) in Table 4.1 (Terminations).

4b) If transferring between frequencies with the same Company UIF registration number, this field should not be ticked. The employee will be “Active” with an unbroken UIF record. Where the employee has been transferred mid-month resulting in two payslips in one month, please ensure the aggregated UIF contributions adhere to the monthly UIF limit. This employee will also be “Active” for Employment Equity purposes.

Step 2 Screen

This screen will list all components that will not be carried over with the employee

Populate the employee details

Once you have clicked on Save & Next Step >> the following screens will come up:

To follow the steps of the workflow, click on the item top right of the screen:

Leave setup screen

1. Click on + Leave Scheme

2. Select the Leave Scheme

3. Click on Update

4. Go to the next screen

Leave Adjustment Screen

1. Populate the employee leave details and click on update

2. Click on and go to the next screen

Position Screen

1. Select the employee position details.

(if position details do not exist, you will need to skip this step for now and create and attach the position after the transfer process.)

2. Click on and go to the next screen

Tax Profile Screen

1. Fill in the employee employment, identification and tax details.

2. Click on and go to the next screen.

Pay Rate Details Screen

1. Fill in the pay rate details

2. Click on Save

Recurring Payroll Components Screen

1. Add the recurring components.

2. To add a component, click on “+”

3. Click on Finish to finalize the steps

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