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Pay Period Management

Navigation Path

To access the company payslip pay dates:

1. Go to Payroll Cycle on the top screen

2. Click on Payslip Pay Dates in the left option Menu

3. Select pay period

Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen

Click on “Edit” to access the Pay Period information.


The cut-off date is for companies that use workflow paths for claims; the user must specify the cut-off date per pay run on the Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen. An employee will not be able to submit a claim after the cut-off date if the next pay period is not yet an open run. If the run is open, the claim will automatically be committed to that pay period. Should the user not specify a cut-off date, the employees can submit a claim up to the pay date specified on the Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen.

Definition: The pay date is the date the pay run will close. All scheduled reports and payslips will be sent out on this date.

Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen Details

On the detail screen, you can open, close or update a pay period.

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