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How to: Create bonus runs and other Interim runs


To access the position screen, go to:

  • 1. Payroll Cycle
  • 2. Human Resources
  • 3. Under Organisation Structure > Position Management

Creating an Interim Run

Details Screen Feild Descriptions

Create Payslip for Bonus run

A payslip record for the relevant employees can be created from the Edit Payslip Screen.

To create a payslip go to:

1. Employee payroll processing menu item
2. Edit payslip
3. + Payslip
4. Select Run

Bulk Importanting Bonuses

The Bulk action functionality can be used to load the bonuses.

To access the Bulk Action screen: In Top menu items select Bulk Actions

There are two different ways to do Bulk changes.

1. Upload a file
2. Make changes on the screen

Upload a File

To upload a file, you need a file in the correct format:

1. Select the Screen type and Action type of where you want to do a bulk import.

2. Select the Payslip Run

3. Download a Template Format. (The File will come in an excel sheet)

4. Populate the file
5. Upload the file

Make Changes on Screen

1. Click on the Load Data button

2. You will be able to edit the data in the columns

3. Click on the Save button to save the changes

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