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How to: Pay Rate Increases

How to apply an increase to a single employee.

1. Select Employee from the correct company and frequency.

2. Select Payroll Processing –> Pay Rate Details

To add an Increase, click on “+ Pay Rate” in the top right of the screen

Pay Rates Screen

Pay rate page before Change (fields are locked)

Pay rate page during (fields are editable)

Pay rate Screen after (some fields will remain editable for the current pay run)

Refresh Calculations

The Increase should show up on the payslip

if it does not, then you can:

1. Select update on the payslip


2. Do a company recalculation under config

a) Select Config

b) Select Recalc Symbol

How to apply an increase to many employees (bulk import)

1. Select Any employee, be sure you select the correct Company and Frequency.

2. Once the employee is selected then, on the top menu bar, select Bulk Actions

Under Bulk Actions, choose

Screen Type: Employee

Action Type: Pay Rate Details

Edit in Bulk View

To view employees and edit inside of bulk view, click on the eye

Either edit inside of the bulk view.

OR select the bold downwards arrow to edit these bulk updates with an excel download

How to correctly upload pay rates into PaySpace


You cannot increase the pay rate with a simple edit. To increase the pay rate, a new pay rate must be created. This can be done as explained: either on the employees’ profile or with a pay rate template import.

The easiest way to update all the employees pay rate is to:

1. Download the file as shown above

2. Then Download a Pay Rate details Template

3. Now Copy the required lines from the First Download into the Second Download (Empty Template)

4. And then Upload the populated template into PaySpace

a) Select File

b) Choose the File

c) Upload the File

d) Create Succesful


If you are not successful, be sure to review the error messages

1. Review the History under bulk upload

2. Download the Data Error Excel Sheet

REMEMBER: After fixing the errors, copy the content into a new template to attempt an upload again.

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